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The undying voice in ME

November 15, 2013


Voice in my head, talking to my self. Wish I had a pen, to write what they say. Oh but I forget to fill up my pen. Again I call upon them, but now they’re all but one. Voices in my head, talking to myself. I wish to write all I hear, but they speak so, I hear no more. Voices […]


April 1, 2012


You stole his smile, as he lay mesmerized  by your pretty eyes. You stole her smile, as she lay cajoled by your nasty mind. You stole their smiles, as they lay spellbound by your sweet voice. You stole his smile, although he chose to give it you. You stole her smile, when she didn’t care to give it […]

compromise and apologize.

March 13, 2012


I am not perfect, but I am more than sure, I can never hurt you, physically. I can’t even think of it, I will argue with you but end of the day, I will be the first to walk up to you to say I am sorry Life isn’t perfect, so is marriage it’s the duty of the wedded to […]

Hypocrite who was stuck in oblivion halucinating on trance!

July 12, 2011


Till date its clear in my eyes. It was a victorian style university building. Its still unclear to me how my college days friends and classmates were trapped to a time period of existence of my nostalgic period of the future. We all walked through cobbled streets of the Northeast, can’t remember from where. Finally […]

Cloud Sense – A Review. Rating 4/5.

August 7, 2010


Disclaimer The article has nothing to do to anyone living or dead in any forms, i.e. , in person or media in films/short films/ stories or imagination of any person. Also the title doesn’t emulate any previous occurrences of the same in any forms as mentioned above. This story is a work of fiction. The […]