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Of all… I prefer…

September 27, 2010


Of all the ink blots splashed off my pen, I prefer the one that stained my name. Of all the circles I drew, I prefer the concentric I didn’t. Of all the paths I imagined, I prefer the journey I walked through. Of all the lines I drew, I prefer the jittery. Of all the years I have […]

The touch that I felt!

August 28, 2010


Felt the touch that I longed for The pale thin fingers which held tight in mine Those tiny palms that I could kiss The beauty in the eyes which rippled my face in them The smiles that caved in as I tickled Those chuckles as I rubbed the belly The soft feet which kicked me […]

Obliterate – II

June 26, 2010


She dreamt of dreams, of dreaming together. He sang to the tunes, of being together. She wore, the colours he chose to wear. He swore, to be the colours she wore. She saw him burn out like a dying wick. He killed the flame in her by blowing it. He walked across the garden, as […]

Obliterate – I

June 25, 2010


She watched his eyes, as he smiled at her. She smiled at him, as he turned away. They walked miles, hand in glove, as footsteps faded. They sat close, into oblivion, as the time froze. The echoes of laughter, were washed away by her tear. The memory of happiness, were blown away by his breath. […]