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September 19, 2012


I don’t believe in superstition. Page 1: Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. The farthest I ever travelled outside Chennai was to UK and that travel made a big change in my life. I earned a Master’s degree in urban design. This, is one of my top ranking decisions. Page 2: Parma, Italy. The next time […]


April 25, 2010


I faintly remember drawing up borders on the wooden desk, which used to seat four of us, which was last but one in the row. That desk had more pot holes of not rain, but of compass dart games.These borders were heavily guarded by the restrictive rules which determined the extent of ones elbow beyond […]

Scope lies in the determination of the beholder.

May 8, 2006


A pencil when held in hand elates me to move on to pull down some lines that work its way out into a creation. This pencil can be held in different ways to express ones feelings from the inner self. These lines also determines the self within. These lines are a form of expressing ones […]


January 25, 2006


The mightier fighting tool has at many a times irked, when my hand scribbled HINDU, at instances which demanded the religion which i belonged to, by birth. The sole reason for that was because this generation that saw the birth of the MILLENNIUM, in my opinion believe in the death of the many a prevalent […]


December 20, 2005


At the farthest I could send my memories jogging, I still live through the summers of my adolescence which were the most cherished. That was the time for active being and sports of all kinds some made by my peers! It was a fun filled and joyous period. Well I guess those days were to […]


December 19, 2005


Five years it has been preached to us, the process of working a project was to sit on draughting table sketch out concepts, work on the form etc. It had been strict that we explain our concepts to our guides before thinking of the space or even the building as a whole. A couple of […]


December 11, 2005


What is a design process? To begin with let us just look at a simple definition to know what a design process is. A design process, in my view, are the basic steps undertaken to carry out a design effectively to bring out the best in us which is our creativity. According to what I […]