Who, What and How

Well I was never good at essays in school and to reveal some dark secrets, I have never scored an 80 in English in CBSE (scoring an 80 is the benchmark for being good at English). Nobody would ever believe that I had in me to write these blogs. All my school friends will definitely be surprised to see what i have written, and especially my English Teacher. What I am trying to convey is that, everyone has an ability to write like me.  Since I am done with the disclaimer sorts I will introduce myself below.

Well I had inherited a diluted version of creativity from my forefathers. Even the previous generation of my mother and her brothers, I reckon, are more artistic than I am. So this dilution had forced me to pursuit education to sharpen my creativity. Now I can call myself a Designer, who is qualified Architect and Urban Designer. But again I don’t restrict my creativity just along there. I believe a designer can be involved in anything that has a design intent. I love being what I am and believe in that. I always like to step out of the borders and have a look around and feel and smell the new place. Thus I landed myself into blogging, which was purely an accident. It began as a method to vent my deep felt angers of various events of life to now, writing short stories. This transition happened in 15 posts and mind you, they weren’t churned out in a week. It took me about 5 years to become what I am today in blogging my stories.  Lastly I would like to mention that, this space is rightly an amalgamation of my mind – hand co-ordination. My thoughts and blogs may be an antipode for many a readers. So feel free to comment your views and that’s the story of the blogger in me.

Now to unravel a bit more of me, I will unwrap a bit of me. I am a gentle person, though physical hard to believe and at times even verbally. I’d love to wake up to a sunny day with a tinge of cold breeze slapping me and dragging me out of the bed. I was born into the little gods own country. But honestly I just love and perhaps can be bothered to make occasional visits but not enough love to settle down there unless I do what Jonathan Ive did! Amidst this love, I have forgotten to mention that I was actually brought up to be charmed by the heat and the culture of Chennai (or rather I prefer to call it by the name Madras), revving up my adrenaline on my two wheels. I have always been humbled by the music and shear power of the two wheel that I owned which in reality scared me to bits. I am a humble creature that cares and loves fellow creatures (I prefer to call ourselves creatures as calling ourselves Human or Men is beyond our actions these days!)

Well as for me (Duh… you may say.. this section says about me and after a pile crap words I beg to say this – well in that case I care a damn!!!) you can find the typical Taurus traits in and yeah you got it right, I am a avid food lover and will eat anything edible(hmm… most of it :P). Okay now I must definitely warn you that I do, (well since even past is part of the personal history I do suppose I am not allowed to erase it), have had a bit of temper that can sweep you off, well, most probably not.

I Love music and I am bit eclectic in choice. I do listen to anything that “I” classify as “I like it” and it might be crap to you, yet again I care a damn! I am absolutely creative (My assertions are not uncontradictory), I wish I can be better and I am trying.

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