The undying voice in ME

Posted on November 15, 2013


Voice in my head, talking to my self.
Wish I had a pen, to write what they say.
Oh but I forget to fill up my pen.
Again I call upon them, but now they’re all but one.

Voices in my head, talking to myself.
I wish to write all I hear, but they speak so, I hear no more.

Voices in my head, I can hear none but me.
I run to pen them again, they just disappear. In vain.

Voices in my head, I can hear them all again.
I try telling what they say and I just hear silly me.

Voices in my head, my thoughts they’re.
How can I get them to talk, so loud that you could hear?

Voices in my head, so loud I’d go deaf.
Don’t just look at me, you try to hear they say.

Voices in my head,they’re all just me.

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