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I don’t believe in superstition.

Page 1: Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

The farthest I ever travelled outside Chennai was to UK and that travel made a big change in my life. I earned a Master’s degree in urban design. This, is one of my top ranking decisions.

Page 2: Parma, Italy.

The next time I travelled to was to Italy for completing a course work with 3 buddies of mine from Newcastle upon Tyne. I fell in love with the cities of Parma, Florence, Bolognia and Turin. But that wasn’t the life changing factor, I first tasted bacon, ham and sausages and that my friends were life changing.

Page 3: Karlskrona, Sweden.

I was selected to represent my university for a week-long convention and I was invited to Sweden and I was happy like a lad who got his first bike. At the end of the week we were all told that we had to make our design presentations and every single member of the group had to talk.
I probably have the most stage fear for a person who is excessively talkative.

The convention ended with my friends joking about the argument I picked up with one of the professor’s and how I got support of 100 odd people.

This travel indeed was life changing as from that day I never disliked stage fear.

Page 4: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,India.

I hadn’t got back home after a year and half stay in UK and a friend’s wedding was the right time as I got cheap tickets at the same time.

This was a much long break. I even managed to postpone my flight back to spend ny birthday with family. This homecoming had a great impact and the journey back got me thinking.

In exactly 8 months I was flying back home with no job or any backup in hand but filled with the pride of my decision.

This was indeed the top ranking life changing decision for me.

Page 5: Cochin, Kerala, India.

We were all having a bash at my friend’s wedding to the point that my friend was bit worried when he invited us all, different friends of his, into 1 big occasion. We made merry like we’ve known each other since birth. The journey back was also awesome sit down comedy in the train by a friend, basically narrative of his experiences.

To top it all I returned to work next day, fresh from any baggage of thoughts, told my employer that I am hiking my consultation charges. It was accepted after a week of review and they also accepted the workings I sent with no alterations.

I am happy as I made new great friends and earned better after that decision.

Page 6: Siluguri, West Bengal, India.

The second time I visited this place and to visit the same friend but this time it wasn’t business but it was for his wedding. Like the last wedding this was also a bash and made new friends.

Prior to this trip I had always had one thought running in me continuously since my return from UK, I SHOULD START MY OWN PRACTISE
IN ARCHITECTURE. A lot of friends and family dearly supported my idea and encouraged me to do so. But I tell you my friends it ain’t an easy decision because to make such decision all you need is a mind like a clean sheet of paper. I had a particular friend who had been persistently chanting me these magic words QUIT YOUR JOB, START YOUR OWN.

I got back from the wedding and everything went back to normalcy. My job was there and had regular life commitments and my dad who was in search for a job found one too. Life seemed just getting right. Three days later my friend speaks to at 9pm and chants those same words QUIT YOUR JOB, START YOUR OWN.

This time it hits me hard. I speak to my parents about it the same night, after which I speak to few of my friends. The verdict was QUIT YOUR JOB, START YOUR OWN.

It was the 29th of July and I spoke to my employer. I was relieved on 30th along with 3 projects I was handling previously.

This also my friends is the top ranking decision I have made.

The above experiences made me wonder if travel is the ideal scenario for me to make decisions? But then again reality comes in and tells me if that ain’t natural? Yet i believe that subconsciously i have utilised travel to unload my daily baggage and get into a nothing box of sorts. This blog was also written during a travel and to say least, this blog is a come back for me after some time into writing blogs.

Is this my superstition?

If so you what is yours?

When do you plan to quit, to do what you love to?

Can I be the Echo in your head telling you QUIT YOUR JOB, START YOUR LIVING YOUR DREAM?

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