Posted on April 1, 2012


You stole his smile,
as he lay mesmerized  by your pretty eyes.

You stole her smile,
as she lay cajoled by your nasty mind.

You stole their smiles,
as they lay spellbound by your sweet voice.

You stole his smile,
although he chose to give it you.

You stole her smile,
when she didn’t care to give it you.

You stole their smiles,
when they begged you not to.

He never smiled,
you left him with none.

She never smiled,
as she didn’t dare to lose more.

They never smiled,
as you gave them tears to lose more.

You burnt his smile,
for he was never there to smile again.

You haunted her smile,
for she could never smile again.

You drenched their smiles,
for they could never shed any more tears.

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