Hypocrite who was stuck in oblivion halucinating on trance!

Posted on July 12, 2011


Till date its clear in my eyes.

It was a victorian style university building. Its still unclear to me how my college days friends and classmates were trapped to a time period of existence of my nostalgic period of the future.

We all walked through cobbled streets of the Northeast, can’t remember from where. Finally we neared the classic victorian style building which belonged to the Architectural department. The entrance wall had a mural which stated ” 1845……….”; yet again the finer details get blurry. We entered the building past the access controlled glass door and climbed up a gallery of grand stairs.

The whole space within had a scent of new graduate year and the visual of human forms spilt all over like the burst of uncovered food in a microwave. We nudge and dodge past this muck of human forms to get to the rendezvous; as we walk in silence prevails.

A Professor in a ghastly attire confronts us holding under one arm what it seemed a wreckage of a remote controlled car’s base unit with all its motherboard and chips devoid off its chasis and under the other arm tucked a tight jar of black balls of gum, like the disposable toothbrushes you get for a quid or two at the train station’s pay to use toilets.

The next hour is marked by the lecture in muted conversation, all of the listeners aware of what is being told yet nothing being stored in the vast storage space of the human brain. The lecture ends with the eruption of cacophony of clattering teeth and wagging tongues. The eruption soon is hushed down to cemetery silence when the wreckage is flung to the floor. Moments later the professor carefully emptied the jar of gums onto the wreckage.

The black gums began to boil up without heat; it seemed that it was evolving under room temperature. It wriggled on the floor at a crawling pace and swallowed the wreckage. The wreckage begin to gain form, weight and life. “The Thing” was born, to say the least.

Awe struck, all eyes marked “The Thing” roll the wheels of its new found host. It ran circles, us as the centre. None dared to let out the breath although we were being intoxicated by the lack of oxygen. “The Thing” gained complete control of its host and of the surrounding digital media. It even controlled the mood of light of the classroom. We gasped as it began emanating a brilliant rays of light off its biological skin.

Faster than the speed of the time for thought, it squeezed out of the room, through the door that was left ajar, turning on the screens of the projectors as it left. “The Thing” was showing us what it saw. This was the moment of Bold, Beautiful and Barbarous as we all watched, stumped. The screen showed towering trail of the mucky humans that crowded the “The Thing’s” path; We watched the grand victorian stairs rise up the horizon. Our eyes blinked as “The Thing” gained power over the security cameras on its trail. We saw it descend the down the grand stairs, the live footage relayed by the eyes of the security camera.

“The Thing Left”…………………………………………….