“1825 days of Apalyca” – Part IV

Posted on September 4, 2010


Ok for obvious reason the names of Profs have been changed. I would like to let you know if you encounter the following names, be aware that they are Profs:

Geeyespee; Murukks; KayKay; GeeJay; Nutty; Job; Ollikutchi; Triangle thalayan; Squeaky; Adam’s Family; Aatistae; ID Card; Studentu.

Naanga narayae paeru enagalukku bayamae illa, oru car le 13 paeru poevom

  1. As usual we were playing cricket in the class and Meenachi (name changed to avoid any embarrassment) was hit. She gasped for breath and then managed to pass the ball back to us. At this point Satti found humour and sang, satta kizhinjirindha thachu kuduthukalaam aana nenjam kizhinjirundhaa…..” and that was more than enough for the flood gates of Meenachi’s eyes to break open. Satti‘s face shrunk like a flat tyre. Till date when we remember, we sing it to Satti.
  2. We were in the engineering classroom for our exams. And suddenly the flying squad walked into our class. They went about checking each person to see if they were copying. As they approached Shyam’s desk, he quickly stood up and moved out of his desk and raised his arms above his head like it was a trip search by cops (this set mild chuckles rolling among the other students). Alarmed by his action, they asked him to empty his pockets. Even the flying squad bore a smile when they saw the contents of his pocket.
  3. This was the second disaster which happened to Apalyca, Abhi was on the seat upside down listening to aalavadhaaan song and then elsewhere a few yards away Vichu & Satti were doing a kuthu dance and in the background Geeyespee and rest of the staff came running after.
  4. Myself & Shyam were travelling on my bike to Dakshinchitra and we wanted a drink so we briefly stopped to get ourselves some cola. Unknown to Shyam, I had evil ideas, as he sat on the bike I accelerated and Shyam yelled “Machi cokkkeeeeeee caaappuuuuuuuu……”
  5. Govind & Shyam were travelling on one bike and Satti was in a catch up mode but couldn’t stop in time and went and crashed into Shyam’s bike while he was waiting at the traffic signal. Seeing the incident, the traffic Police came running to Shyam and then he said to the police, “Sir, no problem, avan yaen friend thaan…” for this the police constable replied, “Ivan onnoda friendaa, circus le maari yaen vandi wotraan…”
  6. We were having lunch at Akka Kadai, when Abhi got hold of Appu a year junior. Apparently Appu had not followed our instructions and had come to college in his usual attire. Abhi wasn’t impressed and he was trying to dish out some reason and then all of a sudden, exchange of words turned into almost what it looked like a game of ringa-ringa-roses where Abhi rotated Appu some 720 degrees. Phew that was close especially because Akka Kadai was on NH-45.
  7. Charlie’s Angels had complained about the inappropriate behaviour of Boys and Vichu had summoned him to our class. I was standing next to Vichu, and Boys was apologising for his actions and suddenly I heard.. In fact I couldn’t hear but a ringing sound in my ears, but strangely Boys had his hand on his cheek. Then I heard Vichu say, “I am sorry now, you can go”. That when I realised I didn’t get slapped. 😀
  8. We had Umamaheswaran (the student one year junior), travelling with us in the train back home. Of course we needed entertainment and since he was a fresher he was obliged to provide. His task was simple, enact a suicide by stabbing himself and with muted sound effects, since there were other passengers. Everybody had a ball of a time for the next one hour with muted yells of suicide.
  9. It was third year and our design project was Apartments, Studentu was one of our design tutors, he was going around the studio and halted in front of Abhi and asked him to explain his design. Abhi began by, ” As we enter the apartment first we have the showcase… chee no shoe case… and this is the PLAN OF THE FLAN”. This made us burst into tears.
  10. We had to present our case study for apartment and it was Vichu’s turn, he was quite nervous to do the presentation, he gathered courage and began to explain it to KayKay, “This is Manmandir Apartments”. The whole class roared in laughter. He had actually visited Mandir Vihar, yet the pretty model in the hoarding never left his mind. 😀
  11. In the first year, we had to introduce ourselves to the rest of the class. It was the turn of Sheikh and his self intro made us raise eyebrows when he said, “ I come from Port Nova.” We all thought he was a foreigner. Later we realised what he meant and in chorus asked,
  12. Ravi and Shyam went to auroville to meet Satti. To get to Satti’s house we got to cross a burial ground. Suddenly Ravi heard someone whistling and he thought it was Shyam. They moved on further and something struck Ravi’s mind and he asked Shyam, “machi neethane whistle adichae”, for which Shyam replied, “machi appo nee illaya athu”. They got scared started running and finally stopped at Satti’s guest house door.
  13. It was Zone NASA, there are unlimited memories with that event and memories that has to be limited just within us. A few of the unlimited ones goes like this –
    1. Tea was a refresher for all of us. The best tea we have ever had(I would believe that APALYCA would agree to this) was past midnight I reckon and the one which was served to us on the road divider amidst heavy lorry traffic on NH45.
    2. We all worked hard for all the preparations for the first big event. One night we, Apalyca, along with super seniors, were having a very witty conversation when one of them wanted a coffee. The only place in campus that served coffee in campus at that hour was The Royal Southern restaurant. About 10-15 us occupied the empty restaurant, the waiter had a smile assuming a massive order. To his disappointment, we ordered one coffee and he was shattered when it was drunk using a straw.
    3. I was sleepy and had managed to get into H.O.D’s cabin and turned on the A/C left his door open and went to the adjacent meeting room and sat there enjoying the room cooling up. But I couldn’t sleep comfortably sitting, then I just decided “to hell with it” and cleared the meeting table and fell asleep on it. After a while Thala came in and woke me up, I instantly jumped off the table expecting H.O.D to follow. To my surprise, Thala calmly climbed up the table and fell asleep instantly.
    4. It was time to clear up the place after NASA came to a sad end. We had to clear up all the classroom’s we had converted into makeshift dormitories. Each of us got into a particular building and began emptying the classrooms. We were quite tired by event and began chucking down all the mattresses. Poor Cycle walked into the danger zone and was squashed to the road by falling mattress attacks.
    5. The day college re-opened after the NASA event, we architecture students still hadn’t gone home, we saw shocked eyes of our engineering peers, looking at us in envy. Even our staff were surprised as they saw us sleeping on stacked mattresses. But suddenly I remembered, Alex was still sleeping on H.O.D’s desk. He was timely saved from being yelled.
  14. Satti was basically a scared goose, he didn’t frequent the canteen as much as many of us did, in first year of college, because he was afraid being ragged, I reckon. And based on this belief, we couldn’t digest his reason for not attending fresher party thrown by our seniors. When we confronted him, he blatantly lied about a certain Yamaha that he didn’t own which he spent time modifying on that very day.
  15. Vichu was always muddled up with things, but he was one of the source of entertainment for Apalyca. Once we were on train and thinking it was Kands, he hit hard on the back of the person standing in front of him. When that guy turned back he realised it was not Kands. Meanwhile he turned back to see who tapped him and saw Kands facing him and due to his muddled up brain he apologised to Kands instead of the stranger whom he hit hard on the back.
  16. ID Card, had got his name because, suddenly our college were trying to enforce the rule to wear ID Card. This was the same with rest of the colleges in the city. And a witty group of students had made an ID Card single, which will be remembered by my peers. And one occasion, Apalyca, surrounded ID Card and began reciting the song, “ID Card, ID card, where is your IIIDEEEE CAAAAARD….”
    He was relieved as we finished the song and let him go.
  17. Myself & Vichu usually travel together to college as we stay pretty close by. And every time we have spent time together we have had some funny and interesting events.
    1. Once Myself and Vichu were returning from a tea shop back to his house, As we walked we had a glance of a pretty gal and we had noticed her looking at us and we both exclaimed, “Machi semma figure da…”. We continued to look at the car to see if the girl would look back, and then we saw a head coming out of the window and at this we did a big High Five She quickly pulled her head back in embarrassment. All this happened in few seconds, but I don’t think we both will forget that for long.
    2. Myself & Vichu were waiting at the front at Concord signal, waiting to turn right to Adyar (Nowadays its a one way) whilst we saw two girls on a scooty waiting on the Right side of us, In a suddenly move they threw a flying kiss gesture and we both were quite shocked. We were relieved off the shock very soon and Vichu reciprocated back with the same gesture. We never saw those girls again.
    3. We usually ride up to Guindy station park my bike and then go by train to college. One day as we approached the parking we saw the train pulling in towards the station. I said, “Machi seekaram oodanam da… train vanthiduchu”. We began running and managed to reach the platform before the train began to move. As the train got into motion, Vichu disappeared from view, I turned to see him standing on the token weighing machine. I had to run till the end of the platform before I jumped into the train to make sure Vichu got in.
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