“1825 days of Apalyca” – Part III

Posted on August 21, 2010


Ok for obvious reason the names of Profs have been changed. I would like to let you know if you encounter the following names, be aware that they are Profs:
Geeyespee; Murukks; KayKay; GeeJay; Nutty; Job; Ollikutchi; Triangle thalayan; Squeaky; Adam’s Family; Aatistae; Id Card.
Naanga narayae paeru enagalukku bayamae illa, Kovam vantha engalilae oruthana pottu saathuvom!

  1. I think it was the second year tour. The train had moved into Hyderabad. All of us had got off and we were standing on the platform for a bit and suddenly we realised Satti was missing. It was later we found that Satti as usual had the first call of the day from nature. He apparently told Shyam before everyone got off and went into the toilet in his compartment. To his bad luck the Train rolled into motion, very few minutes after he went into the toilet. The funny scene we all saw was when, as the train was picking up speed mid way through the platform towards shed, we see a silhouette getting off the train whilst it was in motion and coming towards us embarrassed.Satti has to get himself in such compromising situations else it was not just him.
  2. Myself & Vichu usually had difficulty in remembering birthdays. This happened after college. Vichu’s company had hired John do graffiti for one of their projects. John was to carry out the design overnight. Myself, Ravi & Vichu decided to spend the night on site. We had dinner and returned to site quite late. As we were got off the lift Ravi got a phone call and he steered away from us. Then he came back after a bit. But he kept going on and off with phone. After a point Myself & Vichu were anxious and discussed with each other, “enna machi, evanukku gal friendum illa, aprom yaaru kittae da ivalo naerum vanthu poi phone le pesikittu irukkan. Mmm etho nadakuthu”. We left it at that and continued watching John and discussing other stuff. At about 2 am in the morning Ravi, unable to bear it anymore, came up to us and said, “dai neengaellam friends aa daa, naanum wish pannuveengae wish pannuveengae nu paathukittae irukkaen neengalum wish panna maatreengae. Dai innaikku ennodae birthday wish pannungada.” After that day I don’t think Myself & Vichu have ever missed wishing him. In fact I believe we have always been among the few early birds to wish him.
  3. Satti always had the knack of persuading others to get funny clothes or accessories.
    1. The most funny one was him and Vichu persuaded Abhi a very tight-fitting faded jeans. The last time Abhi wore it as in the trial room and never after because as soon as he paid for it guys killed his enthusiasm by intensively mocking him saying that it was ladies jeans that he bought. Finally Abhi ditched the idea of wearing it.
    2. The other funny one was when Satti persuaded Shyam to buy a pair of pink flip-flops and it was funny because till date Shyam never agrees it to be pink but claims it to be red.
  4. Vichu had called Preetha’s house quite late in the evening and it was her mum who answered the phone. When her aunty asked him who was calling, Vichu panicked and uttered, “This is Abhi here aunty”. At this aunty was bewildered and turned to Preetha said, “Preetha, it is Vichu on the phone, but why is he saying that its Abhi speaking?”
  5. We always used to have a laugh in the first floor canteen during lunch if we spotted any of our friends below a window, we used to pour water on them from the first floor canteen. One day we guys were spotted Aleece and he was with girls of our class. And he spotted the plan when one us asked hm to move a bit so that we can see him and talk properly. He refused by saying, “machi naan angae vantha neenga yennmelae thanni oothuveengada”. For which we replied in chorus “nee angayae irruthaalum naanga unmelae thanni oothuvom” and we laughed wickedly at a drenched Aleece.
  6. Abhi always had trouble eating his snacks. These are the few funny incidents with after which he got to eat.
    1. Ravi, Abhi and few of the Apalycas used to go to first floor canteen for the afternoon break. Abhi used to buy some snacks (in the end everything because of us…lol) like vadai, puffs etc., but he used to not share with any of us. So what we used to do after he buys a snack, we used to remove the snack (vada, puff or whatever it was). Abhi always ended up with paper plate, some ketchup and a disappointed face. This was our evening break ritual and Abhi was always at loss with something every day….lol
    2. It was Abhi’s birthday and he wore an Ujala white shirt to college. The day went well for him and in the evening all of us stopped at Tambaram VLR for snack session. And Abhi had planned to relish on Sambar Vadai. But as usual he was at loss. He carried a plate full of Sambar to the table like Vadivel. Aleece broke Abhi’s disappointment by spalshing the sambhar on to his white shirt, this quickly turned into a game which was next followed by Vichu and then the whole lot of us.Must admit Abhi was the most sportive person in all such events. Hats off to you machan!!!
  7. This is one of yet another canteen incidents. We all went to the canteen, there we met Cycle, he had a coke bottle in his hand, upon noticing that one of us (we don’t know who it was but most of us would have assumed it was Satti) asked him to dance as Hrithik does in the famous coke advert and to our fears, he tried and as usual Ravi made his presence felt by saying, ” dey coke kudichittu dance aadudaana, old monk kudichamathri dance aadura”. All of us erupted instantly at this.
  8. Mostly to avoid traffic and to have a jolly ride we used to travel by the Pallikarnai – Chrompet route to college from Velacheri. That road is mostly free from traffic to the extent that one day as Aleece & Shyam were travelling by that route spotted a crow sitting in the middle of the road few hundred meters ahead. As they approached, the shocked crow, who was never used to vehicles on the road as it seemed, found its reaction time hindered. As Shyam approached the crow, it couldn’t fly away in time to avoid a collision. The crow was hit. Shyam was also nicknamed crow. After the collision Aleece unable to control laughter uttered to Shyam, ” Kaakavodae vandiyae Kaakaavae idichuthae”.
  9. This particular incident was during our first tour in the first year. Apalyca were upto their wits on the very first evening of their hotel stay. The first thing we did was pulled out the fuse of the gals room and had an evil laugh when they screamed in shock. Vichu came up with the next entertaining idea, that we should cover Abhi with the bed sheet and whack hm. But neither Vichu nor us did predict the change of events. Vichu being the instigator proudly carried the bed sheet in a way that it covered himself completely from back and it was again Ravi gave all of us the new plan and the timely signal when we bashed Vichu up.
  10. Satti had this habit of making fun of the guys by stitching them up with some random gal and saying that he saw that gal lost in gaze at that guy. Sheik had an idea to avenge Satti, and told us about the plan. We all agreed and then Sheikh told Satti, “machi naan Kamachiyaye note panitirunthaen da, ava unnayae parthindrukka”, on hearing this Satti was petrified and was at loss for words. Well all were amused at this situation, Sheikh must have felt good but not for long, when Ravi came to Satti’s rescue and turned around and asked Sheik, ” athu seri machi neeyaenda kamachiyaye notepannindrukkae”, all we heard was burst of laughter and then once it settled, Sheik saying, “*&”£$”^”, machi ennada ippadai kavuthuvittutae.”
  11. Once Myself, Satti and Kands were travelling aside. I was on my bike and Satti rode Abhi‘s caliber and Kands was the pillion to Satti. We were waiting for the signal to change below the Alwarpet bridge, when all of a sudden Satti was excited and attempted small wheelies while standing at the signal. Myself and Kands said to him, “Machi maama kittae maata porae da nee”, and to that he let his usual dialogue to us, “Machi avalo scene illa da, ippo paaraen…” and he took off on red. And as soon as he turned in about 5o meters he was caught by the police constable who apparently was watching Satti‘s stunts in anticipation for a collection of the day. I had parked my bike far away and went back to help Kands & Satti negotiate the police constable’s demands and get Satti releived and after everything was done his advice Satti, “Ongae friends paathu kathukko paa..” Satti just frowned.
  12. Once while we were still house on the 5th floor of Hi-Tech Block, we guys as we went to the loo saw GeeJay walk past us and get into the toilet. The devils in us jus came alive locked his door from outside and since the toilets were mere partitions, we threw 2 mug full of water from the top. GeeJay yelled in anger, ” Dai yevan daa athu daiii….” we unlcoked silently as he yelled and all of us ran out. Only Captain managed to slip and fall on the corridor and do a 360 degree rotation as the rest of us was secure in the confines of our class room.
  13. Aleece & Sheikh were off to college and travelling on the Anna Uni road, When all of a sudden Aleece saw a Kuruvi (The real bird not Vijay) flying straight onto him. Instead of navigating away he simply bent down. Sheikh, unaware of the situation was hit by Kuruvi on his neck. The Kuruvi after collision fell down in circles as it landed and Sheikh was left with a swollen neck.
  14. Vichu phoned Shyam’s house and asked, “hello can i talk to Ravi
    Shyam who picked the call said in return, “dai naan Shyam da”
    Vichu replied, “oh sorry machi” and hung up.
    A few minutes later Vichu called Shyam again and asked, “hello can i talk to Ravi
    Shyam again replied, “dai naan Shyam da”
    Vichu curiously asked Shyam, “dai nee anga ennada pandrae”
    Shyam got annoyed and said, “dai ithu en veedu da”
    Vichu casually, “oh un veeda seri phona vei”
    Vichu this time called up Ravi’s home and asked, “hello eppayachom Ravi irrukaana”
    Ravi surprised by this said, ” dai naan kailailairruthu ingathaan da irrukaen”
    Vichu narrated the incident to us and we laughed.
  15. One evening Myself, Vichu & Alex left from Vichu’s house towards tea kadai. I think we were working on some group project. Myself & Vichu were casually dressed in shorts (really short) and old t-shirts and Aleece was way better dressed sporting long hair with a pony and three-quarter baggies and a nice t-shirt. Just as we passed by the back side of Hindu School, we were stopped by the Police Patrol Jeep, a young but bald inspector stepped out and asked us, “Yennappa panreengae?” and we uttered the standard, “Student’s Sir” Mantra. He looked shocked and it worried us. He turned to Myself & Vichu and said, “Neengae rendu paerum paaka students maari irukeengae, decent aa dress panniyirukeengae aana ivaru studentaa?” shifting his gaze towards Aleece. Now he moved towards Aleece and asked, “Yenna appa kathi kithi vechirukkya?”. Aleece let out some muffled words. After we reached the tea kadai Myself & Vichu were rolling in laughter and Aleece wasnt amused at all, especially to the fact the inspector said Me & Vichu were decently dressed. We concluded to Aleece that the bald inspector was merely jealous of his Goldie locks.
  16. Shyam was having a design discussion with Squaeky and when she demanded him to explain his concept, he began saying, “ma’am this is the best building in India….” Squeaky let out a mild squeak.
  17. The shopping centre case study presentation was done as a Video presentation. I handled the camera and Sheikh chiefly explained whilst Satti, Shyam & Aleece chipped in. None of us were aware of it until KayKay during presentation, suddenly asked, “Yaaruppa athu, Senthil kaiyillae dummodae…”
  18. During one of our college bunking and roaming sessions we wandered into a Thennam Thoppu in Potheri. We sat on the rim of a huge well and were having a discussion. Whilst Shyam annoyed at Aleece yelled at him, Sengallae eduthu thalayillae adichu kenathillae vizhunthu sethu po..”
  19. Id Card, irritated and fed up by Aleece & Satti’s naughtiness, asked, “Ongalakku ennappa vaenom?”, openly they said in a chorus, ” Sir, lunchukku kaasillae oru Rs.50 kudungae.” Till date they both owe Id Card that money.
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