“1825 days of Apalyca” – Part II

Posted on August 16, 2010


Ok for obvious reason the names of Profs have been changed. I would like to let you know if you come across the following names, be aware that they are Profs:
Geeyespee; Murukks; KayKay; GeeJay; Nutty; Job; Ollikutchi; Triangle thalayan; Squeaky; Adam’s Family; Aatistae.

Naanga narayae paeru enagalukku bayamae illa, ethavathu prachanai naa, naangae oodipoyiduvom

  1. It was 4:00pm and we were all waiting at akka kadai for Aleece to come from the class. And meanwhile we had decided that we shall go home in the 5:15 train because it was too crowded that day. Meanwhile Aleece came to akka kadai went over got a water packet from akka paid her, the train had come and in a frantic blood rush he started yelling ” Machi Yenna vitttuttu pookaatheengadaaaaaa…” (Dudes don’t leave me behind) and ran towards the train station. We all looked at each other sitting in the benches of akka kadai and yelled at him, “Dai naanga ingathaan irukkom” (Hey we are just here). A packet of water – Rs.1, A train ticket from potheri to guindy Rs.10. For every need of a college student he had cash, but the embarrassed smile on Aleece’s face – Priceless.
  2. Abhi was planning on a new bike and he asked Satti, ” dai Satti pudhusa bike vanganum, entha bike vaangalam.” and Satti with full enthusiasm replied, “machi ONYX nu oru vandi irukuda semma sceenu da…” and Abhi convincingly, ” apadiya ok da…”
  3. We were all quite excited as it was our graduation day and as prescribed we had reached the campus in the morning. It was indeed nostalgic not just for us but all of them who came to attend the event. We followed the usual ritual of using the loo behind the restaurant. Vichu had walked into the water closet and Myself, Shyam and Ravi used the urinal. When on of the other students in the loo expressed his nostalgia to his friend, “Machi ithellam paathittu evalo naalu aachu illa.” (It has been a long time since we saw all this). Vichu, assuming it was Shyam who made the comment, replied back, ” Yenna intha naaranae kaakoosaa….”Laughter rattles the toilet and the guy who felt nostalgic was suddenly stuffed with embarrassment.
  4. All of us were quite busy during our thesis, meeting our guides discussing and attending reviews. One such time, Myself & Shyam was sitting in the staff room waiting for Ollikutchi. There were Squeaky and Adam’s Family at that instance. Triangle Thalayan walks past in the corridor and on seeing us enters the staff room and picks up a conversation with Shyam about his thesis topic.Triangle Thalayan then asks Shyam, ” Innaya project panrae neeyu.”
    Shyam promptly replies, ” Sir, Office complex.”
    Triangle Thalayan then asks, ” Fashade le innaya use panre?”
    and Shyam explains, “Sir, stone finish.”
    Triangle Thalayan with concern asks, “Shtone aaa??”, Shyam nods, and without a call for he yells at Shyam, ” YYYOOO…. NEE THAAN YAAA SHTONUUUU..” All of them present leaks a muffled laugh.
  5. Aleece never fell for the usual pranks that he played on others. Also to mention he always fell only and I mean it only because of himself. I don’t remember the exact occasion, but there was a submission and we were all present as usual but for him who was planning to come in the afternoon. By noon, to our excitement staff had asked us to pack up and leave. We all went towards the railway station relaxed and waiting for, I think 1415 train. We usually sit on the platform no.1 as it had shade and was unoccupied during those times. And at the anticipated time we used to go across. We had another 15 minutes to cross while the train towards Chengalpet came by. And to our rolling laughter we see Aleece devotedly getting off to attend the second half of the day which was given off.
  6. It was Triangle Thalayan’s lecture and he was handling professional practice and yes it was the first couple of lectures of the day. As usual Myself and Vichu arrived late. To our dreaded fears, he punished us by saying, “Sheri sheri, munnadiyae okaarauu.” His class was interesting but sometimes unbearable. I was trying to prevent myself from falling asleep and I turned to my right and then on I had to control myself from laughing out loud. I quietly signalled to all and I could hear chuckles from behind. Finally,Triangle Thalayan managed to find the reason for the comedy. Vichu was sitting right next to me in the first row of the seminar hall and drooling in his sleep all over his shirt. He gave out an alarmed, “yowwww!!! enthiriyaaaa… po!! poi munji kazhivittu vaaayaa….” The class erupted at this. After a while he had me sent in search of Vichu who went to wash the face.
  7. We all had favourite lecturers in college and I am talking about whom we annoy a lot and have fun in the class due to his presence. And for our batch it was GeeJay sir.
    1. Ravi is probably the quietest in our group, and I must warn you, dont you dare underestimate him because of that :D. He made his presence felt chiefly in GeeJay‘s lectures. This was the customary scene in every class lectured by GeeJay, as soon as he turned to the board to write or sketch, Ravi would begin the proceedings by yelling, ” Dai Sottai.” He used to turn back to find everyone silent and with focussed faces and he’d ask, “Yaaru da athu.”
      No one moves and yet again when he turns to the board, Ravi and in some occasions Apalyca shouts, “Dai Sottai!!”.
      On one such occasion GeeJay was so annoyed that he turned back and in a villanous tone said, ” Yevan da athu, aambala aayiruntha enthirichu nillu da.” and in an unco-ordinated rythm, guys stood up in class and that made h stammer, ” Yenna appa, yaen ellarum nikkureengae?”, for which we replied, “Sir, neenga sonneenga aambala aayiruntha enthirichu nikka solli…”
    2. Sheikh once in the pretext of asking doubts managed to get GeeJay‘s mobile no. And the next day he used that no. Not for asking doubts, not when he was in his house, but when GeeJay was giving us a lecture. When Sir turned back to the board, Sheikh rang him. GeeJay heard the phone ring and turned back with anger and hatred and steamed out, “Whose phone is that” and Sheikh politely yet in satirical way pointed out, Sir its your phone.”
    3. We were playing cricket and we noticed a shadow approaching our class under the door. So we quickly ran to take our seats just in time for GeeJay to open the door slowly and peep into the class suspiciously gone silent and he was caught snooping. We all were giggling from within. Myself and Satti were sitting next to each other and GeeJay was agitated by Satti’s mumbling whilst pretending to be reading a book that he held upside down. He then yelled at Satti, ” throw your book down” and Satti threw the book onto his feet. GeeJay got annoyed by his action and yelled at him again, “stand up stand up on the bench” and then Satti again displayed his wits by standing on the table, at which Geejay mumbled something to himself displeased and left the class.
  8. We were all in the engineering department toilet, in the first year block. The notable thing about this toilet was that it was humongous with probably 20 urinals. Each of us chose a desired one and got settled. Yet we all saw Vichu go and occupy one close some lecturer. Then while we washed our hands, the lecturer came to Vichu and smilingly said, “Parava illappaa,,” and left. At this only one person was missing and it was Shyam, who after witnessing Vichu, do tarr nakkum especially with sound effects, to the lecturer assuming it to be him, was laughing out cold. At this the toilet shook with laughter as we all understood why the lecturer was all giggly.
  9. Abhi after watching a hollywood movie with some of the Apalyca had begun appreciating the film. He continued by telling, “che ungakuda sernthathilirunthu naan english songse kekkurathuilla….” And I think it was Satti , curious to know if he actually knew any bands asked him which band he used to follow and Abhi, in fact said, “BLACK STREET BOYS DA”.
  10. Abhi was really excited as he came up to the guys and nearly breathless as he explained, “Machiii, Vijaykanth weightuu daa… Rangeaaa paeru vechirukkan da avan padathukku….” for this the guys again out of curiosity asked what it was and Abhi replied, “VANISHING MAN DAA…” Immediately everybody set out in a mission to see the poster at Guindy round about. The moment every one got off the car and up to the way back home they all laughed. They had read “VANCHYANATHAN”.
  11. I think it was in Hyderabad, we all had settled into our room and all of us were spread over the bed and chatting. We jus began to laugh at some funny comment some had passed, and it was the same time Shyam entered the room in a Salman attire of just wearing a shorts and jacket. Seeing his attire coupled with the funny comment all laughed for about 15mins till we fell off the bed and yet unable to explain to Shyam the reason. He stormed out of the room pissed off thinking we were mocking him.
  12. We had managed to stuff Abhi between two lockers and were punching him. Sudden change of events got us pushing with all the might and left him just at the end of the benches. The momentum he had gained came to a halt when he rested his hand on the writing board. He removed his hand and the glass cracked from thereon.
    The matter was taken up to the principal as we had broken the glass of the board. He appointed a certain time to visit our class and we believed that were going to be slapped with a heavy fine. The principal came to our class gave a big lecture and said he wasnt going to fine us. Nonetheless we were all petrified. We watched him lean on a 3 legged chair, the fourth leg which had just broken the previous day during the indoor cricket match.
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