“1825 days of Apalyca” – PART I

Posted on August 8, 2010


Ok for obvious reason the names of Profs have been changed. I would like to let you know if you come across the following names, be aware that they are Profs:
Geeyespee; Murukks; KayKay; GeeJay; Nutty; Job; Ollikutchi; Triangle thalayan; Squeaky; Adam’s Family; Aatistae.

Naanga narayae paeru, engalukku bayamae illa. Naanga onna thaan uchhaa poovom!!

  1. The first day of college, the fear of getting ragged, got us indulging in this act. We (Anoop, Shyam & Vichu) guarded the ladies toilet entry and the guys took turns to use the loo and guard. Shyam was the first one in!! 😀
  2. We took every opportunity of a black carrier bag, using it to wrap Abhi’s head and bash him while he frantically tried to remove it. Once he removed it he saw everyone act normal. This was the everyday affair when it was nearing break time.
  3. Abhi’s “3 times something” story made everyone raise eyebrows and Ashwin Constantly referring to him as unkeel were the hilarious highlights of Abhi’s entry. Also to note he made us promise that we wont leak his 3 times story to the girls of the class.
  4. The First rule of Apalyca had been that, anytime we had a problem with one of the members, we had to talk it out as a group and at Bessy beach. This was brilliant idea and worked only once.
  5. When we (Anoop, Shyam, Satti & Vichu) were told the arrival of a new student, we dashed to the class, from the first year toilet block, to find Govind’s blow away our hopes. We came to know that a mallu gal was to join us, all the hopes were, high until we realised she couldn’t talk in any other language but Malayalam, (my hopes were shattered although I could understand Malayalam). Ayyaps later told he helped them write a letter to get tc from principal.
  6. The first big event celebrated was Abhis b’day. It was a blast of all kinds as below –
    1. We had a blast of the celebration, cake, coke etc. All of us ended up playing the “plaster the ceiling” game with cake and spraying coke. We (all of us except Satti and Aleece) heard h.o.d come yelling by because of the raucous we caused.All of us except them managed to slip out of workshop. Those two poor lads desperate attempt to run out of the workshop door went in vain as somebody had locked it that day.they ended up getting shouted by that lean man.
    2. Nutty threw tantrums at us, and she started crying in class saying she would lose her job, finally we had to pacify her. Aleece got thrown out of H.O.D’s office when he attempted to break peace with him.
  7. Abhi got caught, for faking my sketch as his, by Geeyespee. She asked him to sketch it and show her again. It was hilarious, the look on Abhi’s face.
  8. It was the class test, and everyone were getting caught and thrown out for copying. Aleece came out of the class happy with himself for ingeniously copying straight from the course material. The moment he finished uttering those words Geeyespee summoned him. She found the course material under his desk.
  9. Abhi buys brand new set of brushes for painting session with Aatistae. He gets tired of using brushes and decides to paint by using his thumbs.
  10. We all gathered around KayKay as he explained the lion caves at Mahabalipuram. Sekar kept doing my head in by saying things about lion pilaster. I was saturated by his rants and remarked “athu singam illai da, singam vesham pota puli” (“that is not lion, it’s a tiger in lions attire”) and that made him yell “vaayae mooduda” (“shut up”) so loud that KayKay thought Sekar yelled at him. This wound up KayKay so bad that he roared ” Kazutha Muttal!! Sekar nee vayamoodalae naa, onnae adichu singam pakathilae okaravaippan” (“shut up or i will beat you and make you the pilaster”)
  11. The trip to Mahabalipuram, was really awesome, because that was our first outing as a class, we were all enjoying every moment of it. The bus stopped momentarily at a Rail crossing. Satti had an urgency to save his bladders and rushed out of the bus. He came back and shyly sat down in the last seat beyond the door. Vichu turned around and asked ” ennada antha smell” and Satti was twitching, then Vichu got suspicious and asked Satti to pull his leg out from hiding. Reluctantly he did and the bus shook with laughter.
  12. Satti always came dressed in formal attire to college, full sleeved shirt, ironed trousers and leather shoes. He even sported a formal tash, which earned him one of his several nick name “Karuppanpoochi”. The first time we ever saw him otherwise was the South Tamil Nadu temple tour that we went. He came in Green and white floral Caribbean shirt and khaki coloured cargos. Once again everyone burst out laughing seeing him.
  13. Shyam had a nick name in school. We all came to know about it. He was called “Muttai Shyam”, because he used to have a couple of boiled eggs everyday.
  14. Shyam told Vichu that he would give him intro to Hamsa. He took Vichu to her and then said, “Hamsa, say Hi to Viswesh. Viswesh, now you say hi to Hamsa.” After a pause, he says to Vichu, “Machi ippo nee enakku intro kudu da.”
  15. First year tour, Vichu and Satti were playing sliding game in the corridor. And whoever slid longest along the corridor was the winner. Vichu was the winner and the loser. He went very far sliding and finally he stopped and turned to watch KayKay undressing with the doors open.
  16. Aleece was one of Murukks favorites, Mostly when Murukks came into the class he would blindly say, “Alex Thomas Get out!!”
  17. All of us had the habit of playing cricket in the class using rolled up butter sheet with rubber band as the ball and sometimes tennis ball. The batsman used to face the door as he had to watch not just the ball but any shadow that came towards the door, in order to warn us of the coming staff. We also didn’t want to lock the door as this would cause us trouble so we just kept a single brick on the door in the pretext of delaying the staff opening the door, which gave us split seconds to dash for the seats. There were several incidents related to this which was very funny.
    1. Once we saw a shadow approaching the door and we all dashed to the seats and waited. The slid open silently and suspiciously. We saw GeeJay peeping into the class to see all of them staring back at him. He felt ashamed and we were laughing within.
    2. Vichu was the bowler and he got somebody out and was appealing “How is thattt…” and then he shouted “machi pottukkooo da pottukooo” and then since everyone was frozen he felt weird and seri “vena na vittudu da.” To his surprise when he turned around KayKay was standing and watching the fun. He began by saying, ” Kathava saathindu, kalla vechundu, vaerthu oothindu, enna panraell??”
    3. We were playing catches and the ball went to Sekar, to the far corner of the room. We all were asking him to throw the ball back to us. He nearly took 5 minutes to decide where to throw and finally threw the ball at the tube light which fell on  Govind’s chair. We heard Murukks coming by and every one were panicking as we had to hide the tube light. Suddenly someone opened the locker and chucked the tube light inside and shut the door, as Murukks walked in seeing all of having looking at him in a weird fashion. Thank God we survived him.
  18. I think it was an elective by “Job“, yes that is his name. There were 2 events which was very funny with that man’s class – an elective in electric engineering I think.
    1. This man had the habit of calling out the attendance looking down. We clearly had the plan for him after a few classes.Job called out, “Abhishekh D.
      Abhi said, “Present Sir” and then without turning back ran out of the class.Job called out again, “Alex Thomas.
      Aleece said, “Present Sir” and he ran out of the class too.Job called out, “Anoop Menon.
      I said, “Present Sir.” and I ran out too.
    2. Aleece was caught talking in the class by Job and he asked him to stand up and told him Alex, please leave the class.” For Job‘s jinx, the bell rang and Aleece spontaneously told him, “Now you should leave the class.”
  19. Abhi was pulled to the board by KayKay who asked him to draw a typical wall section. The funniest part was that in the ground floor he wrote sand filling above the P.C.C and then he went ahead and wrote W.C above the R.C.C. And I think it was then KayKay got furious and asked Abhi, Abhishek daily veetuku poi enna panreengae?”. All of us including KayKay had to laugh at Abhi’s prompt reply, “sollikuduthathellaam pottupaapean sir.”
  20. Adam’s Family, the one prof whom nobody liked because she used to take lectures for 2 hours straight. There are few incidents related to her.
    1. In her lectures, if one of us accidentally looked at her and if our luck turned bad and she sees the person, then she continues her lectures until the end of 2 hours, by looking at that damned person. But one day, her luck rotted. She saw Aleece and he in a frantic move winked at her. She continued her 2 hour lectures after that day but never looked at Aleece and taught again.
    2. For once she surprised us by telling that she was going to conduct an open book test and those who never brought the course material would not be allowed to write the test. Me and Vichu came up with the ingenious plan of not carrying the course materials which would force her to not let us wrote the exam. Everything failed. She told us that she wouldn’t mark our attendance until we went to library and completed the test. We came back at the end of the time and submitted 2 sets of answer sheets. Vichu submitted a blank one and myself submitted a half page scribbled one. She avenged by marking us absent.
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