Cloud Sense – A Review. Rating 4/5.

Posted on August 7, 2010



The article has nothing to do to anyone living or dead in any forms, i.e. , in person or media in films/short films/ stories or imagination of any person. Also the title doesn’t emulate any previous occurrences of the same in any forms as mentioned above. This story is a work of fiction. The characters and the events only exists in the mind of the author and now on this blog. Any resemblance to the same in reality is purely coincidental.

I was sweating profusely and mid way between reality and a dream.I was being loaded up boulders, and I was forced into carrying them. This load further increased my sweating. I felt that i was treated like a slave and in some ways sort of realised what Herculean Task meant and literally. I was woken up by a strange shake up that I felt. I used to have similar dreams in my childhood days. These dreams strangely came up only before I was affected by a fever. Thinking about it now, I feel that it’s a communication that I always received from my Brain before I was attacked. Like a primal warning by the rider in me. I think he was getting a bit uneasy with the new developments next to him.

I was running a strong fever. My vision was still blurred and eyes were having a roll in the generous stream saline watery fluid generously pumped out by the thelacrimal glands. I heard only instructions. I wondered if it were from inside or out? I was asked to wink both eyes continuously. I obeyed like a child. This carried on for the next 15 minutes and to my surprise I saw a gentleman sitting in front of me sipping his cuppa. I scanned him and saw “Gaargle” imprinted on his shirt with a big “G” on the pocket.

I smiled at him and instantly realised where I was. It was a miracle how seeing a person wearing the certain logo brought back all the information I read before…. I blinked at a slower pace and instantly was thrown aback to see the apparitions. I gasped. And let out a muted yell ” It works!!”. The Gaargle man smiled back and left the room. It was like a crisis of sorts. I had all the emotions running down on me. The door opened and I was greeted with a smile by the therapist. He indicated me to close my eyes.

He was testing me with the pace of his chat. I realised that and quickly stepped up mine and he was laughing indeed. I began to wonder how in the span of a couple of decades since the social network’s launch, the technology has had a rapid growth which today has led to the creation of a Job Profile which I couldn’t have dreamt of in my college days. I still remembered being awe inspired by the 7th Sense which was showcased in and full of pride to see my fellow countryman the solo creator of the same. And now Gaargle and Him came to work together which was mentioned as the best amalgamation the last century.

In the days that followed I was allowed to take a walk in the park. It was a literal expression. I was walking along and blinking at whatever I felt made up as a good composition. I sat on a bench under a tree. Closed my eyes. I turned on the wi-fi and logged into the network. I was quite happy to see my friends. I had about 350 friends. This network was rapidly growing and faster than any country. The creators of the network realised and began issuing netizenship passports to its members. I had this fear in me that soon they may declare themselves as an e-nation. This aggravated the case of e-wars. I told myself I cant do it alone and just wait for the right moment.

I saw a few friends, gave them a customary hi and byes. I was having a chat with a few others, the ones whom I hadn’t seen or heard from since 2007. Ohh dear, mentioning the year made me feel I was a century old. It felt prehistoric to mention those days. I was showing of the pics I had clicked in the park. A few of them liked it. I was not particular, rather didn’t care if no one liked it. I was bored. I was expecting Mythulli to be there. She was not willing to make a contact. I tried. I think Siyapati was eating into her like a virus.

I logged out. I opened my eyes and felt the fresh air brush against my moist eyes. I stood up and continues my walk. I clicked a few more pictures. This was the most fascinating photo shoot that I have ever done. I felt a flash and realised, and quickly, being adapted to the changes, closed my eyes. I wore a smile. It is working. I saw Robert was there. We had a chat after… I don’t remember how many years. I felt sad. It was never like those days.

The technology is brilliant. I would have never ever dreamt of such a drastic development.

Logging out as Rowan please wait……..