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Dasamukan is the conception of a political coup. To keep it short, the opposition party leader wanted to be a part of the most powerful family of the state and it was his motive that marked the birth of Dasamukan to his daughter Kalkeyi and the ruling party leader’s son and youth leader Visooji Chandrahasan. Dasamukan’s birthday was always forgotten, as the day after marked history. The day after was the day two most powerful families of the state merged both emotionally and politically. But Dasamukan held the centre stage. Till date, no one but Dasamukan, Kalkeyi and his grandfather knew of the truth behind his inception.

Dasamukan was a vampire whose thirst was power and he didn’t realise this until late twenties. His birth into the most powerful family made him an inhuman asura. He was the antithesis of the term asura in appearance. He was barely 6 foot tall and was stout. He bore the brunt of peer bullying up to mid-teens and that had left scars in his mind and had a rough patch on his heart. He was never good at anything but drawing. He had always dreamt of change in him. He wanted to get away form being bullied and wanted to have a strength in his voice. Sixteen, was the age of changes both physical and psychological. Dasamukan grew taller, his voice was bolder and deeper and mind sharper. These change still didn’t yield any effect on his academics. He was the master of no subjects and a favorite to none. His mind worked faster than his peers and bolder than his tutors. This period where he grew out of his past the beginning of his weakness marked the evolution into asura.

At that age of sixteen, his peers even bullied the cupid and who in return made them rabid by poisonous saliva smitten bites. Dasamukan, intuitively knew that he isn’t going to be lucky yet and he had to wait. He knew it was time for his acquiring skills and not for being rabid due to cupid. It was not until a year later he gathered courage to leave home to seek skills from a distant school donkey days away. Kalkeyi rejected, pleaded and yet bore no effect on Dasis. Kaikeyi called him Dasis. The day after his birth when the unison happened, everyone mutually agreed to hold a ceremony to name the new-born. The important members of the family each chose a name and there were Ten names which everyone approved of. They were Dasis, Rowan, Ravulan, Lengaeswaran, Sujanman, Thadanvan, Omkeswaran, Thotsakan, Asuvan and Veera. None could make up their minds and finally Chandrasan took control and said he is going to name his son DASAMUKAN who has ten faces which is collectively the ten faces seen by each one of them.

The return journey, burdened with failure to gain entry to the Gurukula was eating him every minute until he saw his mother at the end of it. Ravulan was summoned by the gurukula at a later stage but Kalkeyi refused the offer, she couldn’t bear the separation from her son. Ravulan, buried the failure and continued his journey in search of the skills that he yearned for. At one of the crossroads he met Mythulli. Both knew instantly that they were rabid although they did no harm to the cupid. Rowan, was an egotist who knew his weakness was Mythulli. He didn’t tell her.

Dasis toyed with Mythulli’s emotions.

Dasis once burnt Mythulli’s hand for she threw away the last cigarette he had.

Dasis made Mythulli cry out for wanting his attention. He didn’t speak to her nor acknowledge her presence for he knew she’d want him to.

Dasis grew in his Asura ego.

Asuvan thought she’d never leave him.

Asuvan spoke to her for hours but never wished her for her birth on the day.

Mythulli cried. She cried as she knew him too well.

Rowan failed, again, to acknowledge Mythulli’s tears. Rowan killed Mythulli’s emotions, to feel defiant. Until she wrote to him about the Asura Vadha – a poem which said that She killed him from the time she put her pen down. Rowan tasted the fresh failure again. He smiled. He had to smile as he knew all that was dear to him had a price – His Life. And Rowan wasn’t prepared for that. Yet he knew he was dead. He has lost control of his senses as he was dead.

Veera saved that poem for long donkey years. This was period of exile. He cherished it. Veera later learnt that Siyapati married Mythulli and grew in anger for he wasn’t given chance in the swayamvara. Veera’s mind began the game it loved – Toying with emotions. This time the asura came to haunt Veera. Finally after ten long years of haunting, Veera burnt the poem which calmed the Asura. He left home, crossed seven seas in search of wisdom. Essentially he left as he knew he would abduct her to tell her about his story. He knew it was inevitable, but he wanted to delay the event as his LIFE was dearer. He felt nothing but love for his life. He became the source of the destruction of his LIFE.

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