MALINI – “Love at first sight”

Posted on June 19, 2010


“love at first sight”

Malini used to crack with laughter, the moment someone uttered those words. She never believe it was humanly possibly to fall for it. Malini was proven wrong. Not once but twice. The first time over, she thought it is humanly possible and after the second, she preached it. Several times as she preached about it, she felt guilty, because that is when she thought more about her parent. They had loved Malini unconditionally and although she reciprocated, she felt she was a bit hypocritical. Her nightmares of that came alive, when the first time she saw him. She was rather upset than elated. From that moment she knew she was correct, she never loved her parents, like she loved him. It was unbelievable to her, how one man can find so much of love from her that even her parents were denied of some. Malini couldn’t resist thinking of anyone but him. She had never thought of anyone in her life so much, earlier.

Malini met Vyasan at Perumbalam, seven years ago. She still remember the day, the date and time. Malini had gone to Perumbalam, to do a street skit to the villagers to create awareness about the problems looming a woman. She actively engaged herself in such activities. But, Vyasan was there by sheer chance. He decided to do a backpack trip totally unplanned and he found himself in the beautiful island of Perumbalam. Vyasan was sipping on a cup of tea at Hotel Jijumon, when a clatter of laughter knocked him off his socks. He turned to see Malini and instantly, his fingers grew numb and he dropped the glass of tea. The shop owner continued to yell at Vyasan, whose eyes were dilated on Malini. He sported an embarrassed smile and blurted out,

” I am… mmmm….  sorry Cheta. I shall… mmmm … pay for the tea… I mean the Glass… “

Owner was spitting fire, and continued yelling saying,

” Oh god why do you send such customers to my shop. Day dreaming youths who waste their time.”

Malini watched all this and was glad that she wasn’t in his shoes. She was certain that she knew why that bloke dropped his glass. Malini, smiled now, realising that it was indeed human to fall for

“love at first sight”.

She never thought she would be a victim of it. Malini, sat closer to Vyasan, and continued to explain her job profile and her intention of her career. Vyasan, silently watched her, but he wasn’t listening. He was mesmerised by her. Finally Malini jabbed at him to bring him out of oblivion. Vyasan instantly explained to her about his interest in blogging and how he dreamt of being a novelist. As he was explaining it to her, he realised that he has never shared this with anyone else.

Malini’s heart was pounding. She entered the temple holding Vyasan’s hand. Her parents and his parents were all present. She looked at the page, then paused, turned around and looked at her parents, they gave a gentle nod with teary eyes. Now they were legally married. Malini appreciated Vyasan’s wish of not having a pompous wedding. He wanted to keep it simple and she loved the idea.

Vyasan must have walked several miles, if he had walked on a road. He was stopped by an irate attendant, he said to vyasan

“Sir you must be seated” he stressed, “Kindly do not cause tension within this corridor”.

Vyasan, looked up , looked around, saw a vacant seat and quickly sat there. Malini and Vyasan saw the tiny fingers clasp each of their finger. Malini looked into the eyes of Vedha, she wanted to name her son Vedha for which Vyasan readily agreed. When Malini saw Vedha’s eyes, she knew it and told Vyasan,

” This is also Love at first sight, isn’t it Vyasan?”

Vyasan replied, ” If you say so my dear.”

End of Chapter – 4

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