MALINI – A Love story!

Posted on June 19, 2010


“It was wonderful until that day. But now, how on earth am I going to Handle such a situation?” muttered Malini. She was forcing herself to find an outcome and sighed, saying,

“I should call Vyasan… I should call Vyasan immediately. Only he can help me solve this.”

She paused and told herself, ” after all he dragged me into this. Let him find a solution.”

Malini dialled Vyasan’s number. She heard a voice and she patiently listened to, ” The subscriber you are trying to reach is currently not reachable. Please try again later.”

She waited and in a couple of seconds she heard, ” Ningal vilikyan shremikkunna subscriber, ippol paridhikku purathaanu. Swalpam neeram kazhinju vilukkuka.”

She continued listening,  in a hope to get through with the call miraculously.  She tried again several times. Finally her eyes gave in to tiredness. She fell asleep on the couch with the handset on her ears, which dropped to the floor soon. The phone was off the hook and blared the tone of going dead.

Vyasan dropped on to the floor from his bed yelling, “AIYOOOOOOOOO…” and became silent as abrupt as he fell.

He just realised that was a nightmare. It was so real he thought. He still remembered it like a film scene.

It was a bright day, He sat next to Malini, listening to an unclear rant. Vyasan always dreamt of this moment. He recognised every word she spat out, yet never understood what she was on about. He thought about the hidden truth. None of Vyasan’s friends had even known anything about him but for the mere facts of the worldly living. He refrained everyone from knowing him, he trusted nobody. But no one knew of his intent. He never expressed this. Vyasan always told self that he was his judge, jury and executioner.

He heard a familiar voice calling out to Malini. He recognised that disdained smile. He couldn’t figure out the name. He stood up, momentarily leaving Malini’s side, to greet. He then knew it. No one will see him again. He was mere smoke of memory. He turned to see Malini with a photo of him garlanded. A wind blew, Malini dropped the photograph shattering the glass, he was being sucked away from Malini to be hidden. In his vanishing moments he saw Malini chose Vedha to him.

And that’s when he dropped off the bed. Immediately, his instincts ordered him to speak to Malini. His desperate attempts went in vain. The phone line was engaged.

“Its Strange..” he said to himself,

looking at the watch which showed twenty past three. He dialled again, but the phone was still engaged. He realised something was wrong. It took him about twenty-four hours and forty-three minutes to get home. On his way, he had called up Malini and said,

” I am coming home. We shall talk after I reach.”

Malini just responded saying, “mmmm”, and hung up the call.

She waited for Vyasan, with the main door to their apartment open. The lift arrived noisily to the fourth floor. On hearing it, Malini walked towards the door. She was rehearsing this moment for the past several hours. She looked at Vyasan  in shambles and asked, “Where is you luggage and computer?”

Vyasan replied, ” I have to go back soon.”

Malini couldn’t bear any more, she exploded saying, “SHAME ON YOU VYAS”,  she uttered Vyas only when she was venting out her anger on him. And Vyasan instantly knew it was his chance to remain silent. She continued yelling at him,

“How could you Vyas? How could you, be jealous over my love for Vedha? Vedha is your son for god’s sake.”

“ITS RIDICULOUS VYAS”, Malini was now spitting fire.

Vyasan listened as calm as ocean, head bowed down in surrender.

Malini continued, ” And Vyas, Vedha has proved he’s truly a daddy’s sonny.” she took a deep breath and said, ” He’s jealous that I give more attention to you. And I can’t believe both of you are telling me these things.” Her voice broke into sobs, and amidst the sobs she broke down saying,

“How can I Vyas? How can I live with my husband and son who are jealous if my love for the other?”

Meanwhile Vedha, woken up by the spit fire session of Malini, was listening to everything, thought it was his mistake that’s made amma yell at appa. He began crying and teary eyes came running to Vyasan and hugged him tight at his hip. He looked up at Vyasan and said,

“Appa, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have asked amma if we wanted you to come back. Please don’t leave us. Appa I wont say that again. Please don’t leave us.”

Vyasan looked into Vedha’s eyes, Vedha saw appa’s eyes laden with tears. They looked at Malini, she let go a smile as she sobbed again.

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