MALINI – Vedha.

Posted on June 13, 2010


He held a pistol in his hand, as he tip-toed passed few doors of the apartment block. Vedha stopped near the elevator door and turned around to look up to see which floor he was in. The signage read “Third Floor”. He glanced at the pistol again, holding his index finger in position, on the trigger. He let go a smile, a satisfaction for the pistol being loaded. Vedha, then quickly turned around to see if he was spotted by someone. He had to make sure he was discreet.

From that moment onwards, Vedha, was almost flawless in his movements. He was happy about the simulation and was contend with his practise. He counted as he climbed each step and finally reached the fourth floor. Although he was sure, as he walked past the elevator door he looked in the opposite direction to confirm his whereabouts. He didn’t pause this time, but continued walking. All of the sudden he heard a Lady yelling on the phone and a baby crying. He walked towards the source of the noise, and it originated from apartment no.22, he saw the door ajar.

Vedha stepped in to take a quick glance and that’s when amidst the chaos of the lady yelling and the baby crying, he saw another face, a dog, which began to bark the moment Vedha’s presence was felt. The dog came dashing to the door. Vedha managed to shut the door before the canine was all fours on him. Vedha, panted. He sat on the corridor for few minutes. The canine caught him off guard.

After relaxing enough, Vedha stood up, looked around as he was very cautious about him been seen. He reached the door no.23. He heard loud unclear conversation between a man and a woman. He slid past the door, making sure even the door locked as silently as possible.

Vedha approached the man and the woman, the were in the living room and was in the middle of a serious conversation,

“an argument again”

he said to himself. He approached them, gripping his pistol tight. He moved slowly and was almost invicible. His state was attributed to the distraction of the couple in their quarrel. He moved towards the man’s side. In a quick move he jumped, but didn’t cry out loud, and placed the pistol on the man’s forehead. This took the breath away from the couple for a few seconds. Once they regained control of the situation, the man asked Vedha, with a frown on his face, faking a disappointment,

“Vedha, are you going to shoot appa(daddy)?”

Vedha squeaked, “yes appa, I am going to shoot you, because you are always fighting with amma(mommy).”

Amma quickly snapped at him saying,

“Vedha how many times have I told you, that me and appa are not fighting.” she paused for a reaction from Vedha. Vedha just hung his head low, so amma continued, ” listen Vedha, we are having an argument. And arguments don’t mean we are fighting.”

Amma continued speaking to Vedha but he heard nothing after that. Amma, was dearest to Vedha than his appa. The truth was Vedha, in his childish immatureness, was jealous of his appa. He was jealous that his appa gained all attention, whenever his appa and amma had an argument. Vedha loved his appa, but when it came to choice between appa and amma, he would let appa go. He didn’t want to share his amma to anyone, not even to his appa.

Whilst, he hung his head low and contemplating his love for amma, he was brought back to senses when amma yelled,


Vedha squeaked, still hanging his head low , “yes amma”

Amma continued, “Vedha, its getting late monu, please go to bed, you have to go to school tomorrow.”

Vedha, walked back to him room, when his amma called out him again and said,

“Vedha, you better go to bed, and dont even think of playing that war game on you computer tonight.”

Vedha just nodded. The five year old never understand the emotions other than the love for his amma.

End of Chapter – 2

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