MALINI – Love?

Posted on June 13, 2010


Ramu, after all of his customers left, pulled a stool and sat close to Vyasan, to try to see what Vyasan was staring into. Ramu sat looking only for a few seconds and he thought, “he must be mad” and smiled to himself. Ramu had this urge of pulling the glass, now swarming with flies, off the grip of Vyasan. Ramu, was so loyal to Vyasan’s physical state, that he didn’t bother do anything that would kill the concentration.

Vysan, sat there for about an hour, with the tea glass and swarm of flies trying to slurp down all of the one drop of tea that was remnant. All of the sudden, Vyasan’s dream was getting shattered. He felt, as though he was being pulled and real fast as the time ticked every other second. He felt as though he was breathless and couldn’t make sense of his situation. He finally began hearing a faint buzz that grew in volume as his dream moment was thinning. He finally came to senses in a jerk that almost threw him off-balance. He shook his hands vigorously to chase the swarm.

Vyasan looked straight into the shop to trace Ramu, and saw him staring at him. He walked towards Ramu, handed the glass and the money. Vyasan looked into Ramu’s eyes and sported an embarrassed smile. En-route his home, Vyasan thought of the incident back home that night, after which, he left, almost unnoticed, to Perumbalam. He still remembered the reason for the quarrel. He felt shameless, when he thought about it. But he knew his feelings were genuine, he couldn’t hate that person, he could never hate him. That incident kept replaying in his head. He was undergoing a breakdown of sorts, that made him feel ashamed, yet the primal instincts for love and obsessiveness made him snarl out aloud.


Vedha, still remembered that night, when amma had told him it was not a fight and had asked him to get to bed. That night he heard, something which will remain in his little mind forever. Next day, when he woke up, he saw amma sitting next to him and crying. He asked her still in bed,

“Amma why are you crying in the morning?”

Amma replied, “Appa has left us for good monu.” and she continued to weep.

Vedha, just jumped out of his bed and sat on his amma’s lap hugging her tight, with tears trickling, told her, “I will go bring appa back for us, If you say you would stop crying.”

His words made amma smile, and she hugged him tight, as though she feared to lose him as well. He held amma’s face in his little palms, and asked her, as he wiped her tears clear,

“where did appa go?”

Amma said, “he went to some village monu.”

“but amma do you really want him to come back?”, asked Vedha.

Amma was shocked to hear Vedha ask so innocently. She took a deep breath and said,

“yes of course monu, he’s your appa. Why did you ask such a question?”

” Amma, I like appa, not as much as I like you. And I don’t like him spending more time with you, because you belong only to me.” Saying these words, Vedha hugged amma, to show that he isn’t going to let go of her.

Amma was shocked to hear her son uttering these words. She felt deja vu. She couldn’t believe a five-year old could have so much of emotions. She wondered if it was just like an obsession to toy or was it genuine.

She said to herself, “but a five-year old….”

She had fallen in love twice and both times she loved both of them equally and with no discrimination. Now for the first time in her life, she saw two people fall in love and have high degree of discrimination to the other although they are inseparable when in the company of each other.

Vedha was elated for being able to be with his amma, yet in the other corner of his heart he dearly missed appa.

End of Chapter – 3

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