HELLOOO!!!! what was that again… SAY THAT AGAIN PLEASE!!!! HELLOOOOO

Posted on April 30, 2010


Lady yelling over the phone, child crying and the dog barking unhappily because of the noise made next door, when several utensils fell off rattling the whole building structure bottom to top. Meanwhile alongside the building there was huge traffic queuing up for no apparent reason like never before. The cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses all honking to run over the cop whose whistling breathless to establish authority over the real estate of tarmac.

In the never-ending queue up the ambulance sirens panic beyond recognition mellowed amidst the honking to the point that it sounded like a baby yelling at a distance. The ambulance driver is near heart attack stage as he has to prevent another’s heart from stopping and the ranting goes on between him and a child like adults voice on the other end of speaker.

A new album of a popular thrash metal band has just been released and this lad in his truck is still to get in terms with reality that he made it out alive with the first official copy. To celebrate his victory over another queue up, he sits in his truck, in a queue up, cranking up the volume and head banging to the pounding tunes.

The ambulance still struggling to get past a truck with pounding clink clank noise, whilst the speaker comes alive and goes like this ” so the next caller here just requested to discretely put forth their question to the president and on behalf of him we ask MR.PRESIDENT WHY DON’T YOU SMILE AGAIN”. Now he turns off the radio and continue to sweat his bottoms waiting for the traffic to clear up as all he heard is some emergency cop.

A popular Canadian singer was on about some summer in 69 where he was just procrastinating, whilst the listener punching in a text on his mobile walks on to the middle of the road and bangs against a cop who was breathlessly whistling, to get on top of the traffic to show authority over the real estate of tarmac.And in that jerk he swallows the whistle and, in a frantic effort, he jumps onto a lane of moving traffic and gets hit.

Another cop see this and picks up his radio and yells out ” OFFICE DOWN, OFFICER DOWN……..” and in few moments a certain ambulance stuck in a queue up, apparently closest to the accident spot, has the driver trying to concentrate on the FM where callers were asking the president questions. he barely hears what is said on the radio as the truck in front seems to be cranking up the volume by the second.

He nervously picks up his mobile and rings his wife and tell her, stammering, ” Honey, I have hit a cop who rattled in front of my car from no where…. I am sorry, I will be late for dinner…..” the young mother on the other side of the phone, amidst her baby yelling, dog barking and the noisy neighbours utensil sound, tries to maintain her cool and says “HELLOOO!!!! what was that again… SAY THAT AGAIN PLEASE!!!! HELLOOOOO

Damn the devil, I had no clue of what happened between the time alarm came alive beeping and me snoozing it and when my uncle woke me up asking if I weren’t going for work. It was 45 minutes but to me it felt like 5!!
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