architect in the making

Posted on February 20, 2007


couple of years of my tenure from my graduation as a practicing architect.

This journey into architecture began quite early in my life. My flair in sketching has its strokes from early days of childhood to my adolescence from about 10 to 15 yrs of existence. This flair combined with my mother’s decision of acquiring an interior design diploma.
I was fascinated by the drawings that she used to churn out during the wee hours of the night after she had prepared the home for its daily function. Her dedication to manually draft the drawings after a tiring day had made far deep impressions in my mind regarding her dedication to the subject.
My disciplined schooling was in its fag end and i could hear buzzing of peers about their visions of one’s careers and aims of getting into the best of the universities in my country. It was my chance to reveal such vision. I was never a class topper in school but did manage to notch 80% in my final exams, with an excellent score in mathematics as expected by my tutors of that subject. I was never cut out for an engineering product.
After several brain storming sessions between my conscience and self, i had re discovered my flair in sketching and my mother’s successful completion of interior design course. This stormed a spark in my vision of my career. I chose to be an ARCHITECT. This choice, after several brushoffs, hit my folks realization of my interest to become an ARCHITECT.
Luckily to work to my advantage our dearest family friend (who will forever be regarded as my god father) is an architect and he had a strong say in my career decision. He got me enrolled to a popular and efficient tutor (who would be impressed with my works send me to the best and internationally recognized school for giving my entrance tests.) who trains prospective architects and help them understand the basics, in order to be able to deliver and succeed in the interstate tests for, application to the handful architectural schools.
Being an enthusiast i had never missed a class with the tutor and had always shown the scope of improvisation by the day. Unknowing to me i had let loose of my major talent, through this coaching, to sketch. This was greatly appreciated by the tutor. I was asked to attempt for the best school in the country which is still acclaimed as the best school of architecture due to fact of its location and its sheer existence was made possible by the efforts of one of the leading architects of the country.
In spite of steady movement through various phases of the test conducted, eventually i failed miserably. This was due to the fact that i had developed a case of over confidence in me due to my growing talent and had failed to realize the importance of application of mind. I returned home a rejuvenated mind.
Couple of years and i was in one of the schools of architecture and going was good. Before i could realize i had completed my internship with an architect who was well known in the country for his works. This architect (who will for ever be regarded as my guru) helped me mature out into a better architectural student. Then i had eventually battled through my final sessions coping up with part time trainee architect job with my god father. Sooner i had realized that i am not being just to my self by doing what i never visualized. i chose to move on and moved on till i reached where i am now. Here within a period of 6 months i had already a proud designer to have completely designed a foreign cultural center. This is one among d best offices in my town to practice architecture and interior design with some respect for the same. But before i realized it the bells rang for me to move on again. I am preparing for my journey into this vast ocean of the subject i became of a bachelor of. I am now sailing toward the masters arena to try and acquire an international exposure in widening my knowledge and also a hold in my career

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