Scope lies in the determination of the beholder.

Posted on May 8, 2006


A pencil when held in hand elates me to move on to pull down some lines that work its way out into a creation. This pencil can be held in different ways to express ones feelings from the inner self. These lines also determines the self within. These lines are a form of expressing ones feelings. These are the lines which me as an architect use to discuss my feelings on design, my ideas and my character in design. This fighting tool for me which releases my burden of mind to increase its weightage.

I can go on enedlessly, forgetting the so called factor time, when presented the choice of a paper and pencil to delineate the words presented onto paper in terms of form and function.This is because i love what am upto and thats my passion. All this passion was once upon a time just 6 years down the lane was put up with a herculean task kind of catechism. That was the phase i planned to take up my now passion/love/career. I was asked the most feebleminded query in the world, for my pursuit of knowledge in architecture and that question was ” WHAT IS THE SCOPE FOR ARCHITECTURE “.

My simple answer to those feebleminded uncouthly souls were mere silence……

This was because no answer can give the questioner the just they were looking forward to. But yet again i heard those line ring in my head when once again i made my intensions of further taking up post graduation. I jus hate it. I felt like tearing apart the mind of my fellowmen, who pursuit education for the purpose of mere minting out those priced notes and metals and for richness, for the luxury of life.

Sadly to speak of, this question i had to face in my present phase of life as an architect was asked by none other than my fellow mate. I was not able to digest the fact that still there is a person who can dare ask me such a insane and unearthly question to a person in pursuit of education!!!

SCOPE – is the terminology to retard a person of his passions and love for education. Its sad that a person who came from the creative background of architecture could ever ask such a feebleminded query. Actually if one tries to ask oneself that question ….. wat is the answer you get? If it were me i would definitely get all possible positive inferences regarding my horizon. In my opinion, no one should ever dare put forth the question of scope to any soul who pursuits eductaion.

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