The Fight Club –

Posted on May 3, 2006


rule no.1: There are no rules.
rule no.2: What ever rule we say are the rules.
rule no.3: U stop fighting when we conclude or get bored.

The Honchos – The ingenious architects of a selfish motto.

This club was run by us honchos who wanted to take pleasure in clearing dues to our foes through blows.This might sound similar to the movie fight club. This club is extinct now but memories remain. The worst scar of memory which still is dogging us, the fight club honchos , is the flying kick that came through us and landed on target. This was by their dear friend sam and the target was our foe in class george. We, the honchos, had an odium towards this george and always wanted to give him some lessons through stick. But none of us wanted to teach him the lesson first hand.

This left ourselves churning with ideas that would lure him like a rhodent into the trap laid with a ripe banana. And often the ripe banana was sam who wanted to show george some of his skills using his limbs. Sam was always mercurial to throw out his limbs on george whenever he was provided with a fair shake. Sadly george had to keep both his eyes busy to catch up with blows from two of them, the other character being sandi who was a pain to all.

We the honchos got into action everyother day and stitched up yarns of rumours which would provoke atleast the two of the three. We generally did this in school hours and would setup a near perfect stage to launch the hauls. The innings of the barbarious demeanour would be unleashed through the intervals between subject classes. As planned we adjudge the blows as just and dispose the possibility of a result within the campus.

This scrapes on the fighter’s ego and there lies our success. We then stage a proposal of performing the ritual in a spcae alien to the noisy class background. This urge by the honchos to fulfill their will were laid perfect at the back yard of one of our buddy’s home. This buddy was also the suzerain of the vicious Fight club.

The stage was laid and we began and we began with a thnderous strike. This stage to feature angry blows against foes became a prospect for george , sandi and sam to take out on each other all their heavy hearts. This was started as occasional event turned to be a daily digest due to its popularity. With this event gaining popularity in class, the danger of being caught for conducting events became an issue. We were spotted and warned yet the very next day the stage was laid afresh for fresh blows of the tournament.

The wick eventually died out of flame as the oil dried up. Now a forgotten club reminded through blogging. Sorry sam, sandi and george but you guys were mere scapegoats of the honchos well scripted performance.