Posted on April 16, 2006


It was just another Sunday morning me and Charlie were sipping on some tea at juice point waiting for my mechanic to come by to get started on my bike. He arrived and we both strolled into his studio and lo!!! My eyes fell on that blood red RD-350. On seeing that bike my ADRENALIN pumped and I jokingly asked my mech for a ride and he was quicker than my speech to gimme one!

I sat on this mean machine and strolled of shifting gears @ 3000 rpm. And had a quick ride and was back too soon. Immediately I was told by my mech that I dint really enjoy d drive and he asked me to go again and to remember to shift gears only between 6000-8000 rpm. This time around Charlie too hopped on, and he was given a note of advice to grip me tight if he dint want to take off.

Both of sat and started the mean machine and Charlie gripped me tight on my shoulders, and I pushed the lever down turned the gear to 1’st and jus swiveled the accelerator and damn I we roareddddddddd. Man this was the instance I felt accomplished, I thought. Not long enough I realized how wrong I was. I shifted the gear in 5000 rpm, why d hell did I do that?????? Man no one can be told about what driving an rd is, one has to feel it.

The bike roared with aggression pumped with anger like a hungry lion. This was indeed the reason why I shifted gears in 5000 rpm. My legs were taking off so were Charlie and I felt that I was racing the wind. It was not just a mere feeling but indeed I was. I would have jus driven a measly 200mts but that was enough to be talked for decades.

This beast is so smooth that the definitely male pulsar has to lick Yamaha rd’s silencers. Man the bike ride for such a short distance was with much aggression. Me and Charlie stopped at the end of 5’Th avenue road along side rajaji bhavan and took a u turn and roared back into action. We were watched by the commoners by the sheer sound and swiftness with which we got back into our destination and quickly we got the bike into the mechanics studio to avoid further glances and commotion from the other bike lovers. All the people were drooling as we passed them. That melodic song pumped out from rd was indeed causing people to drool.

Both of got down from the bike but our feet were in cloud 9. We sat down and still couldn’t come out of the emotions that drive brought in us. This was the first time I ever drove an rd. This would definitely be not my last. My crosshairs have been set and the target defined sooner I’ll be rollicking one. This Easter Sunday has made my day, an unforgettable moment GONE IN 60 SECONDS……

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