Posted on January 25, 2006


The mightier fighting tool has at many a times irked, when my hand scribbled HINDU, at instances which demanded the religion which i belonged to, by birth. The sole reason for that was because this generation that saw the birth of the MILLENNIUM, in my opinion believe in the death of the many a prevalent religions and felt the birth of unity and oneness. This sort of historic act of questioning the religion in many places like schools colleges and workplace is a festering sore.

Yet i have opened up in seeing the birth of a brand new religion. This in my opinion is indeed a new religion which is the eclectic of all the religions. This though happens only in one event, which is the war of talents, the mighty minds and the brave hearts. Well all of you readers might be surprised to know that i was mentioning the game CRICKET.Well many of you might feel the truth of what i am trying to convey. I was never a cricket enthusiast in my childhood. Even to the fact that i never learnt of the games viewing popularity until i moved into Chennai. The first place where i saw people glued to the idiot box watching cricket was at my cousins place. I was spellbound by the unity with which people watched the telecast without the expected remote control feuds! yet i was not lured to the activity in fact I used to hate to visit my cousins during matches as I get bored and lonely.

Then as time passed I realised that unknown to my hatred I was indeed lured into the pandemic act of glueing oneself into the idiot box to view the game. Until recently when I heard the commentary on the box that in India and Pakistan cricket is not jus mere game but a religion, i felt it, that i did belong to this religion which indeed pandemic at least in my country.

This game in India & Pakistan contemplated as a religion is ostensible due to the far fledged viewer ship and the rude love towards game displayed by its citizens. Hence as an afterthought, I realized that this game indeed is the best method to conquer religion and barriers. I believe this afterthought is nascent and might one eventful day bloom into the glorious unity of humane civilization.

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