Posted on December 20, 2005


At the farthest I could send my memories jogging, I still live through the summers of my adolescence which were the most cherished. That was the time for active being and sports of all kinds some made by my peers! It was a fun filled and joyous period. Well I guess those days were to fade in to the thin air in reality. Reminiscing the past, has always been bringing back the happiness of those days, in vain, as they don’t last for good.

High school was a time for, friends and not much study. But these relations didn’t last long more than a few movies, strolling along the beach line, rolling on the beach sand playing football, baseball and cricket. Soon the remuneration was given the so called high emotional remuneration – “THE FAREWELL”. All was to end. As I thought perhaps. Then we moved on with our entry to college life (considered as mature at those times). This brought in many more friends like those of the stars on a starry night!

There were a great deal of movements in this life – fun, fights, re-unions, jealousy and you name and you got it! My period of college education was longer than any one perhaps medical. During this period we had undergone all what I have mentioned above. But the relationships I got through this have taught me a great lot of things. This period will always be the golden era of my life. But soon enough when things turned out to be what I call understanding the people/peers, the end was slapped on my face with a scar of course.

Well this is the actual phase in life, in my opinion, most of them who have gone through would have found it difficult to face the farewell and in some cases easy. This is the time when the eggs have hatched and the chicks flew into the horizon. But I could never forget the time when we (my friends) always in unison hatched up plans for movie or bunking college or for that matter any event. Hence after the break no re-union was to ever find red letter attendance. The road died down.

It was just then I realized that one have to follow our instincts to every step of success/failure to get along with the song of life. No roads to follow, one have to construct their own road through the jungle called CAREER. Perhaps one day some old friend mite strike a junction in our path to cherish those lovely moments of the past, with joy.

A road less traveller is what I have become. This is ought to be everyone’s destiny at one point of life. My assertions are not uncontradictory. This is the skeleton of the so called LIFE.

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