Posted on December 19, 2005


Five years it has been preached to us, the process of working a project was to sit on draughting table sketch out concepts, work on the form etc. It had been strict that we explain our concepts to our guides before thinking of the space or even the building as a whole. A couple of semesters we were even given a green signal if we had worked out some “DIFFERENT” forms and those were accepted as concepts and this followed no explanation. The best part during that semester was that if we worked out forms in a 45 degree angle we were given a go faster. And the worst part being that if ever we refuse to design the parappet with some gimmicks we were refused approval of our design. This was the totally mendacious of the staff to have brought us up in that fashion.Then we had followed the most common and in my opinion the predominat method of practise – “FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION”. And this did gear us up with some good planning and going by the book. Slowly we were lashed with the new terminology “CONCEPT”. Well the actual meaning of this word are –

1. A general idea derived or inferred from specific instances or occurrences.
2. Somethng formed in the mind; a thought or notion.

Well understanding this term made me realize that any idea i had on that project was my concept and this notion of mine was theoretically sound but the staff’s attitude were pejorative and was put down often. Hence i have never explained any concept for my design but explained the solution to the problem posted, through my form in my perspective. But atleast during my college days practise, which is long gone forgotten in comparion to the Actual Practise followed by many architects, I used to spend time on my table sketching and dreaming and visualising the forms and various concepts which i tried to match that project.

Well all those efforts were bundled and now the new generation methods have taken over the recent past. In the prsent days i believe, its difficult to find Architects/Architecture students who work through sketches in the initial stages, rather i have seen the students especially, directly work on the computer and evolve the so called Accidental Marvels. Hardly any of them have proper skills(exception to some colleges in the north) and aptitude, and tend to fall into this stream by sheer accident. But one amazing fact is that by the period one completes his degree its possible to find out that a person fallen in by accident would have a better attitude than one joined by aptitude.

Well in general the computer have invaded this field too. Now a person having knowledge on various softwares can perhaps explain his design with more color and attractive presentation than a person with skills. But any day the conventional method will never lose its charm but will find its way into extinction in the offing or perhaps it is already history!!!!

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