Reminiscing The past!!!!!

Posted on December 16, 2005


Every moment that I retrospect about my past,
every moment I neglect about that passed,
here arrived the wind of remuneration for the remorse and my evil self.
The offing is a leap away
but the liberation of my soul is a, few grains to go down the sand clock of life and death.
All I’ve terminated has paid off,
Not any more, bound to the chains of helotry of life.
Here I weave my way from my moral self.
As I sore in serenity into the gateway of heaven……
Whose Master’s clients are never the WRONG ONES!!

It was the month of November year 2004, the rendezvous in 6 months to the road to my life, my career and my success, when I started to search for topics for my project and every one running around haywire to grab something approved by the internal jury, basically a bench of fickle headed characters. The time goes right/wrong the project of mine has been approved but with disregard and disrespect trailing on the fictitious beliefs of impotency in qualitative work. This fictitious beliefs were proved wrong at several occasions in the course of time before the rendezvous yet there was no acceptance to the fact that I had over thrown them through the success scripts at various levels.

Finally the D-Dates were slapped onto our faces and the external juries selected. And as expected of the bench, the toughest nut to crack, Mr. B was the jury of mine. Mr. B Took 2 hours per sitting to review my studies, grinding every mega bytes of data into bits and further. At the end of the day he remunerates meagrely yet the only discount I had from him was that his comments added value to the work with high respect. In one way am thankful to the jury (though not the bench who allotted me under him), because of whom my reputations were slowly recognized but not to the fullest but may be said to a level of 5%. The jury was highly impressed with me after my 2 sittings (this was ought to happen as I know I can, I will and I do run the show!!!!!!!).

Yet again several problems arose in my studies and my head was churning like a mill. This was the time Mr. R helped to take vital decisions on my problems in the studies of my project and also he gave green signal to my manipulations (Mr. R was the ignition to get my project started and accepted by the jury). Hence I had half cracked the toughest nut, Mr. B, who acknowledged my presence and my thesis on later stage when I met him by sheer accident.

Then came the time, when the countdown time struck the last 3 months for the rendezvous. Things went on very slow and half the time vanished into thin air as smoke, with the breeze of the hour hand slapping hard on my face. Yet again as I believe (as said earlier – I know I can, I will and I do run the show!!!!!!! ) my skill and perception struck hard at me and hence I evolved my concepts and quickly got them on paper and screen. The sand timer now running with the grains of sand which is to last only a month.

Enter the scenario, a couple of characters, X and Y, step into the main stage, who are in a die hard situation being the grains of sand clock in the last week of the presentations for their rendezvous. Myself being very generous to friends (at least for the ones I care – this quality often acting as bed of nails to me as it had on several occasions – yet I am not bothered), readily got into the act wearing X’s and Y’s suit and finally managed to get resources and all help to successfully complete their script on a winning note.

The realisation struck me hard that the sand clock of mine has drained out but for the last few grains. I was running like my back was on fire and demanded some help to put the fire down and Lo the fire wasn’t but I was turned down!!!! I was invisible to X and Y, who were busy dousing the fire of my peers and but not me. (How dare they????????? mere uncouthly…. yet as the time went on was stitched back to them as I believe in forgetting the past but not the lesson it gave) .

Hell rose in front of me and was battling with the devil (here in my case there are 2 devils – 1. The Fickle headed Bench 2. The biggest factor in any one’s life – “TIME”). Yet again I came out of the hell with difficulty as searching a needle in the hay stack – “The needle was found”. The Rendezvous arrived and met the destroyer (who was a mere puppet to the fickle headed Bench’s chairperson). The rendezvous didn’t last longer than 2 minutes (it was total crap!!!! I spent roughly 8hrs with Mr. B half cracking him, had to search the needle in the haystack and “the end” in 2 minutes). Well I was broken after the final rendezvous as my attempts of producing my hard work on paper was laid aside in just 2 minutes, I was sent down without a fight because the destroyer was a mere puppet symbolizing cowardice as his sword.

Well after all this my project was further shattered when the results were let out. The first mark went to W who was adjudged the winner on the note that W was the best speaker and liked by all for the communication skills W held and K was the runner up as he always favoured The Bench. Myself along with L and V were amongst the others who were as burnt as by the strike of lightning!!!!!!!!!!

Any ways I am out of it L is out of it and so is V and hence every buddy lived!!!!!!!!!!( not happily ever after because this was an ordeal to be never forgotten at least by me).

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