Posted on December 11, 2005


What is a design process? To begin with let us just look at a simple definition to know what a design process is. A design process, in my view, are the basic steps undertaken to carry out a design effectively to bring out the best in us which is our creativity.

According to what I have realized that design process is a tedious effort which one should lay in to gain a good design that provides all solutions to the queries that design puts forth us. When kicking off with a project I tend to first identify the requirements which form the basis of the design and chalk them out in my mind so as to stay tuned with that set of requirements in order stay focused on what I do.

Hence we have to identify similar designs undertaken based on the similarity in design. One should not stop with one but end up identifying at least 4 topics. Once the process of identification of case studies/book studies, one must proceed doing in-depth analysis of the case studies.

The first major step is identifying the requirements of those similar designs and chalking out the advantages and disadvantages of the same. Once this process is completed for all of the identified studies/projects we must try and relate to each and find out if the various designers have sung to a same tune. If not find their chords and execute the differences into data. Take a note of the negative issues in that project first. This in my opinion helps a designer to avoid committing the similar mistake which our predecessor’s have done. Hence when we have made a correct analysis based on the above mentioned studies we must proceed to the next step.

The next step involves manually trying to sketch and try methods to find solutions to the problems elevated by the design topic. This stage is a complete design stage where in we concentrate in working out our ideas/concepts for that design and try to bring in a balance with in the requirements and our concepts. Once in the sketch stage I find myself to be confident of the design I have evolved I freeze my sketch stage and go to the next step which is draughting to scale the designs that I have evolved.

During this process we might find that certain aspect of our design conceptions will find an alternative answer which we tend to go on with. Then we must try and find out if we are really satisfying the requirements as well as have put in our efforts to the fullest to bring out the best in us. That question should always arise when we feel high on our design. This helps us improve our thinking and help us to work constantly to improve the quality of work.

This process which i have tried to explain in my views can be acceptable some but not to many. Any ways i have given in this process so some reader who might be in a stage of dilemma can take up some hints to evolve ones own process. Hence I have understood that a design process is not a constant but a function which depends on the variables which are the topic, the requirements and the client. We must realize that one should manipulate all of these varialbles to evolve a design process in order to evolve a successful design.

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