Posted on December 9, 2005


I was in my tenth when the fancy question of the ambition/career surfaced my peer group. It was the time when I was totally interested in computers, because that was the time when internet was being fished out as a popular joint for many. Always computers have been my source of interest and fancied me. Well one fine morning my mother came up with the proposal of her taking up a diploma course in interior designing. This didn’t interest me at all. But the only possible link which sparked interest in me was that I used to love sketching and found my mother involved in loads of drawing work which slowly dragged me into studying her course works.This was the turning point in my life. I began drawing out layouts similar to the course work of my mother and began playing around with various shapes and forms. But this never lasted long enough because my board exams where round the corner and I forfeited my child’s play. This was it I never turned back into the course work till my twelfth standard was successfully completed.

Now I had real challenge put forth upon me to decide on my career and the topic architecture arose. This was immediately shunned down by my parents due to reason that I was lazy and not belonging to the class of hard worker. But my mind never strayed and constantly pressurized my parents. In this situation a big support on my behalf was rendered by my godfather, who being a family friend of ours and a success chapter in the local architectural scenario. It was he who arranged for a coaching session for me with an eminent coach in my town, in drawing and sketching.

This was the biggest leap in my venture into my present career. I used to attend the daily schedule and used sit down and sketch for hours on the topics my coach furnished. But yet again I have to mention that I was never a hard worker (it was the reason behind the biggest failure in my consideration). Soon enough I began to impress my coach with my skills and was often rewarded by words of praise. As the days went by, I began to think I was one of the best. (I rightly had to comparing to the peers who were sharing the same timings in the coaching).

The days sped by quickly and the time had come for me to give my entrance tests for architecture. In my full senses believed that an excellent job was completed and was hit with the joy of having conquered a territory of an arch rival. I spent a week intoxicated with the joy, that sooner I was going to become an architecture student in a reputed college. One morning towards the end of the week I received a call by my coach asking to get back to classes. I didn’t quite understand the reason for the call and just thought that some classes were pending and went to him straight. It was there I found a group of 8 people, whom I have never met waiting for the coach. It was then I realized that we were totally a group of 9 whom the coach handpicked due to our skills to further coach us to get into CEPT. This term was new and I didn’t have much regard. But later that day my coach came into explain to all what CEPT was. CEPT stood for Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology. It was a school of architecture on par with IIT’S and the IIM’s, in its field. This school is recognized worldwide and especially by Royal Institute of British Architecture. Wow!!!!!!! I was excited at the fact that I was selected by my coach to write the entrance exam for CEPT. This group of 9 people was fun and very challenging. Out of this I became very close one of the guys “S”. He was different from others. When in comparison to myself I found him to a grade lower than me in sketching but the most admirable factor in him was he was glued to his seat sketching on and on for 4-5 hours together and was always at the coaching centre. But no one in the grouped commented on any one’s work. Soon we were through rigorous coaching to put us on toes in our skills of sketching and thinking process.

All the above events further made me feel invincible. (It was obvious as I was in a group of 9 picked from a set of 50 aspirants of architecture to go to CEPT). The D-Day landed, we were given one short speech by our coach telling us that a few of us would definitely return back unsuccessful but that was ok as that would not end the world in architecture. Even at that moment I looked at my group was trying to guess who would be that few. (Unknown to me some must have looked at me).

All of us packed up and left for our battleground. This entrance was one of the toughest I my experience because, the school had 30 seats in each for architecture, interior design and civil engineering. The state rule was that 20 seats were to be dedicated to that state’s state board students and remaining 10 seats were put on competition for the rest of the aspirants which include that state’s cbse and icse students. This sounded real tough and adding to the toughness was that there were 4 levels into entrance to that school, each level eliminating a chunk to finally chalk down the best 30 in India(10 each for architecture, interior design and civil).

The night of the result of the first round was putting me through heavy pressure (Think of the fact that one has to return back unsuccessful in ones very first step!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). It was around 9pm and my friend knocks the door of the apartment I was staying as a guest. He walked in said in a low voice that we all cleared the first round. That made me feel very light and absolutely relieved. Immediately we both walked out and spent the whole night in a 24 hour coffee shop. The next level was also cleared by all of us with ease. Soon our confidence flew sky high especially mine.

The best part to mention was that we, the group of nine never did any refreshing for the entrance exams all throughout. We were chilling out each round, with no reminders of what and what not!! The next round came in and it was a 6 hour exam and we had to a sketch which in my knowledge was quite interesting due to the fact that the entire set of students appearing had to sit in a circle around the object displayed for sketching, and take up the exam. This was the real tester which shattered my dreams into CEPT for architecture. Right from the word go I knew I wont get through and I was in deep trouble as the position I sat to view the object displayed didn’t help me sketch the object properly (At that time I never had the maturity to actually perceive an object from any direction and sketch). I spent the 6 hrs regretting that I wouldn’t make it and recollecting my coach’s words to the people who return.But one thing that ran in my favour was that I constantly cleared my interior design papers with ease. The final round was the interview round. I knew I wasn’t going to get through into architecture but my architecture interview was still given my best shot (living on the hope of miracles). The next interview was that of the interior and I did my best to prove to them that my aptitude was solely into interiors.

All the inputs from our side was taken up and completed i.e., the exams and the interviews. The one output pending was that of the final results. As expected I didn’t get thro into architecture but to my excitement I was placed 19’Th in interior with the top 10 being the same as the architecture aspirants. I was indeed lit up like the sun (I regained self belief that I am still going to study in that school). With all the happiness I stood in line with the fee in my hand to remit and register myself. The queue moved on and soon I was nearing the entrance into the registrar’s office. When I stood first and was about to enter, the PA system roared that the seats were filled. This was the first instance in my life which shattered my sinful belief of being the best. Later I realized that it was not just me who are to return but a few (Actually only 6 got through from the group).

The whole party along with some of the parents, who witnessed my distress, and the registrar cheered me up that I was No.1 on waiting list and I ought to be taken in. But this time I never thought further, I had enough of self praising. Soon I had informed my parent about my failure and was advice to return immediately as the local Councelling session was to begin sooner. As prescribed by my parents I packed up and took the 36 hour train journey back home in loneliness .This was the worst train journey I have ever had owing to the fact that I was all alone thinking of just my failure and also that it was raining heavily and the entire compartment was soggy. I counted every minute of that journey and in the 36’Th hour and 30’Th minute I saw my driver waiting for me at the platform no.3.

I was rejoiced to see some one known to me. I rushed home to freshen up and be greeted by family. Home is indeed sweet home!!!!!!!! Soon enough I went through my local Councelling and got a seat in architecture with a reputed college in the city.

A month went by and the time was ripe for the college to re-open. One fine day my mother wakes me up to tell me that I was long called up by the registrar of CEPT to inform I was in and the choice of forfeiting was taken due to the fact that my family never wanted to b separated. Indeed I was shady a few days but in my right senses accepted that my Parent do what is best for me and Hence I joined that reputed college in the city and hence my venture into architecture began with loads of fireworks in advance!!!!!!

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